Police target burglars, but need your help


Sadly, there has been a big increase in the number of burglaries in Berrylands, Tolworth and the Sunray Estate. Our local Police team are working hard to catch the culprits, but we all need to help.

Often criminals are accessing the rear of the property and forcing entry. Generally, this tends to happen between 3pm and 8pm, with the offenders checking whether anyone is at home by knocking on the front door.

Police are asking residents to spend some time reviewing their security:

  • Ensure that doors and windows are locked when you are out.
  • Don’t leave door keys in the lock, close to a window or door.
  • If your property backs onto an alleyway or open space, review whether you have good quality locks on your gates, and consider trellis on fencing or spiky plants.

The Police ask that if you see something suspicious, please call 999 straight away.

Cars are also being targeted. A number of people have been arrested, however the problem persists. Keep all valuable property out of sight.

Cllr Chris Hayes said: “It makes me really angry that local residents are being subjected to this mini crime wave, we will be doing all we can to help the police catch those responsible and put a stop to this.”