Conservatives win Broadway improvements


Your local Conservative councillors have successfully campaigned to deliver a new safe crossing across the Greenway, along with replacement trees for those that died.

The new traffic light controlled crossing will be close to Boots. Transport for London (TfL) experts advise that as the traffic lights will be in sync with those at the roundabout, it will not delay traffic.

The original Greenway cost over £4million and was put in place by TfL and the LibDems, who ignored the views of local residents.

Councillor Ian George said:  “It’s great news that the Conservative campaign to get a safe crossing across the Greenway has been successful. We’ll have to wait for TfL to do the work, but we are pushing for it to take place as soon as possible.”

Unfortunately the poor design of the Greenway means it is impossible to place a Zebra crossing half way along the Broadway. That’s because the centre has not been built wide enough to meet the minimum legal width for a controlled crossing.